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BiCon 2008 Workshops

Workshops are a vital part of BiCon, they can be on any topic relating to bisexuality and some are not related to bisexuality. They can be fun or serious, formal or informal. Email to discuss any workshop ideas that you may have.

All workshops are run by volunteers, usually BiCon attenders. We need people to volunteer workshops, suggestions and ideas to help make them happen.

If you would like to volunteer to run a workshop please email It's never too soon to volunteer to run workshops at BiCon.

Provisional Schedule for BiCon 2008

15:00BiCon 2008 Registration Desk Opens

Intro/welcoming workshops


Evening Entertainments begin

09:45–10:10Opening Plenary
5 min break
10:15-11:30Session one (75 mins)
15 min break
11:45-13:00Session two (75 mins)
Lunch (90 mins)
14:30-15:45Session three (75 mins)
15 min break
16:00-17:15Session four (75 mins)
5 min break
Evening Meal (90 mins)
18:30-19:45Session five (75 mins)
20:00 onwardsEvening Entertainments
5 min break
10:15-11:30Session six (75 mins)
15 min break
11:45-13:00Session seven (75 mins)
Lunch (90 mins)
14:30-15:45Session eight (75 mins)
15 min break
16:00-16:20BiCon Photo
10 min break
16:30-17:30Announcements and Decision Making Plenary (AGM)
18:30-19:45Session x (75 mins)
1 session only
20:00 onwardsEvening Entertainments
5 min break
10:15-11:30Session nine (75 mins)
15 min break
11:45-13:00Session ten (75 mins)
Lunch (90 mins)
14:30-15:30'Closing' Plenary

Some workshops that have been provisionally accepted for BiCon are:

  • your legal rights
  • bi and history
  • men's group
  • conflict resolution
  • tantra and bisexuality
  • smutty storytelling
  • experiencing identity with lego
  • broadsword for beginners
  • writing
  • cooperative games
  • painting canvas
  • bisexuality in the workplace
  • volunteering in bi community
  • circle game
  • elementary flogging
  • therapeutic flogging
  • queer shakespeare
  • time management for non-monogamous people
  • workplace issues for bi people
  • glamour
  • cover bis photos for BCN
  • juggling & circus skills
  • laughing yoga
  • costuming
  • foot massage
  • shy social
  • pre decision making plenary
  • fitting & misfitting
  • types of relationships and love
  • photography
  • teddybear picnic
  • allies non-bis in the community
  • coping strategies of self-injury with a friend
  • personality snap
  • organising an alt parenting weekend
  • intro to bisexuality
  • safer sex
  • next year's BiCon
  • stories
Last changed 27th July2008

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.