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BiCon 2008 Organising Team

Ian is the head of the team; he's brimming with experience. Ian is in charge of venue coordination, and keeping the rest of his team under control!

Natalya is the team deputy. She's also in charge of registration and bookings. She's also using her immense knowledge to ensure BiCon is as accessible as possible.

Tonnvane's main responsibility is our finances. She's rather adept at crunching numbers so we know we're in safe hands. This is her first time as a BiCon organiser.

Katy's main role is entertainments. She'll also be working out room allocations, something that she loves doing. Luckily, she's very good at it too!

Libby is your publicity and marketing gal this year. She's determined to reach as many new people as she can.

Rowan Alison and Paul are on board in a general advisory capacity - they're both BiCon veterans, so we know we can count on them. Rowan is also lending her services to the registration/reception desk.

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