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Saturday Night: Circus of the Bizarre

On Saturday night from 8 till 1, BiCon's main hall and surrounding rooms will become the Circus of the Bizarre.

  • THRILL to the Giant Insect Circus display!
  • LOOK SURPRISED at the largest teddy bear ever captured in the wild (possibly)! Dare you enter his cage?
  • EXPERIENCE the Bearded Lady Room - enter as one gender, leave as another!
  • MARVEL at the Weird and Wonderful Glow Room!
  • HAVE A GO on The World's Smallest Coconut Shy and The Safer Sex Candy Grabber!
  • COWER as The Professor passes by with his disturbing puppets!
  • DANCE to the music of our very own Bizarre and Bisexual DJs!
  • And if you need some breathing space, try out the Amazingly Quiet Room, where all speech is Extremely Prohibited and you can chill out to the sound of silence.)

Can you help with décor, either by supplying materials or by volunteering to help get the Ball ready?

Would you like to dress up as a burlesque dancer and go round the Ball handing out sweets or condoms?

Would you like to provide body painting, or help people get a costume together? Email us on!

Whatever you have to offer (short of public nudity or anything the police might want to know about...), just tell us. We may not have room for everything, but we'll do our best.

See you there!

Last changed 21 July 2008

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