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BiCon Useful Information

Things you might like to know before BiCon. Some of this content is written not by the 2008 team, but by members of the community for the use of the community, and is gratefully reproduced here. For attribution or usage queries, please contact The BiCon team.

BiCon's Accessibility Report

The BiCon Accessibility Report has come about as a result of a site visit and some accessibility guidelines which are in the process of being modified. The report details physical access features of the venue, daytime and accommodation spaces. BiCon welcomes attenders with access needs, and given some advance notice will do its best to accommodation reasonable adjustments as required.

BiCon Guidelines

The BiCon Guidelines are just that 'guidelines' to give BiCon organisers an idea of things that are considered essential, important or desirable in a BiCon event. The guidelines can seem quite onerous for an event run soley by volunteers so please remember that when bringing up the guidelines with organisers.

Any additions or amendments to the guidelines have to be passed by two successive BiCon Decision Making Plenaries to ensure that the amendments are fully considered and not made in the heat of the BiCon moment.

At BiCon 2007's decision making plenary the following proposal was made:
To add a footnote to Guideline B.4 as follows: "The intent is not that the Equality Fund be how unwaged people generally attend BiCon".

This proposed amendment has been taken into account when deciding prices for BiCon 2008 as promised by Natalya at BiCon 2007 prior to another vote on the amendment at 2008.

BiCon Code of Conduct

The BiCon Code of Conduct is our way of making it clear what individual BiCon attenders' rights and responsibilities are. Each and every attender has the right to feel like BiCon is a safe space for them. We hope that by making the expected code of conduct clear that we can minimise understandings that lead to people being hurt. Please feel free to request clarification on the code of conduct from the Registration desk or BiCon team at any time.

Settling in at BiCon

A guide to settling in at BiCon contains some useful tips and advice from previous BiCon oganisers and attenders upon how best to get the most out of BiCon.

Last changed 5th May 2008

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.

BICON® is a registered trade mark of BiCon Continuity Ltd, and is used with permission.